Re-enrollment and Withdrawal Procedures

Re-enrollment procedure for the upcoming school year:

The re-enrollment period for students who wish to continue or withdrawal from the school for the upcoming school year takes place during the month of February.  

Re-enrollment and withdrawal takes place electronically; families are sent an email from Open Apply with a link to an electronic form. Please note that your request to re-enroll or withdrawal is registered after you answer the electronic form. You answer the electronic form by filling in, signing and returning it online to the Admissions Office during the Re-enrollment Period. We ask you to complete the re-enrollment form by the requested date. If you have any questions regarding re-enrollment please contact the Admissions Office at

Failure to notify the school during re-enrollment period:

If you do not notify the school during the re-enrollment period, this will be considered as a wish of the family to not re-enroll at SIS and you will be withdrawn from the school.

Withdrawal for the January school term:

A link to the Student Withdrawal Form will be sent to all families in October. Please complete this form if you are planning not to return to SIS for the January school term.

Withdrawal during the school year (midterm):

Families who wish to withdraw from the school during midterm are requested to complete the Student Withdrawal Form.

By completing the Student Withdrawal Form and the Leaving School Checklist, you will be able to request your child’s report cards, transcripts and any other records held by the school.

Failing to complete this form and the leaving school checklist will delay your access to your child’s official records.

Leaving school checklist - end of year and mid-term:

  • Complete Student Withdrawal Form

  • Have your Leaving School Checklist completed and approved by the Admissions team

  • Return the following items to the reception in the main building:

    • School computer and charger

    • Math Calculator

    • Subject materials including books

    • Locker key (for grade 6-12)

    • Library book(s)

  • Remove all personal belongings from your cubby/locker and leave it in a clean state.

  • Download and save your child/children’s report cards from ManageBac. Your Managebac account will be archived 1 week after you leave.